• Malachikkal Chooranam

    It act as excellent laxatives

      • It act as excellent laxative
      • Relieves abdominal cramp and headache due to chronic constipation
      • Relieves flatulence
      • Indicated in vata humor imbalance
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  • Sv Chooranam

    It controls frequent urination

      • It can manage excessive thirst, frequent urination, and weight loss in diabetic
      • Essential to withdraw Insulin dependence in diabetic
      • Enables the control of glucose levels in blood and urine
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  • Nelavambu Kudineer

    It reduces fever

      • Anti inflammatory
      • Detoxification( detoxifies blood, liver , spleen for pathogens and endotoxin)
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  • Thaadu Chooranam

    Nourish the male reproductive system

      • Improves the metabolic process of body
      • Enhance the vitality of men
      • Nourish the male reproductive system
      • Highly recommended to uphold the efficacy of sperm in quality and quantity
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  • Satthu Chooranam

    To improve strength, boost immunity

      • Improve strength
      • Boost immunity
      • Acts as a nervine tonic
      • Recommended for the nourishment of the body
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  • Siddhar Choornam

    It is a vital supplement for cancer

      • Nutritional supplement for cancer patients
      • Nourishes the body system
      • Enhances the ability of defence mechanism
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  • HC Chooranam

    It helps to improve blood circulation

      • It helps to improve blood circulation
      • It helps to reduce body heat, and burning sensation in the hands and leg.
      • It is highly recommended in anaemia
      • Its remedy for hairfall and improves hair growth
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  • ORT Chooranam

    It reduce joint stiffness

      • It improves the joint flexibility and range of movement
      • It also improve circulation around the joints
      • It strengthens the nervous system and a good supplement for muscle weakness.
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  • RES Chooranam

    Helps to ease breathing

      • The divine ingredients in RES Chooranam ensures magical remedy against cold, cough, chest congestion, Sore throat, asthma, Sinusitis and shortness of breath.
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  • Pile Free

    To reduce itching, bleeding and general pain

      • It ensures to reduce itching, bleeding and general pain in hemorrhoids.
      • It improves the permeability of blood vessels and capillaries.
      • It also promotes blood circulation.
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  • Neerkaduppu Chooranam

    It exhibits diuretic property

      • It exhibits diuretic property, helps to clear excess water in the body without straining kidneys.
      • It is highly recommended in excessive thirst, fever, white discharge and skin diseases
      • Neerkaduppu Chooranam is highly recommend
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  • SK Chooranam

    Its recommended for allergy, urticaria, eczema, psoriasis

      • Its recommended for allergy, urticaria, eczema, psoriasis
      • It plays a vital role in reducing itching and inflammation in skin diseases.
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  • Soothaga Chooranam

    It is recommended in irregular menstrual cycle

      • It is recommended in irregular menstrual cycle, white discharge, female reproductive problems
      • It is added to the combination for its magical property in reducing pain and spasm during menstruation
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  • Liver Free

    The combination acts as a Liver tonic

      • Liver free is highly recommended in Jaundice, Fatty liver, Skin diseases, Kidney diseases and Liver conditions.
      • It clears indigestion and detoxifies the body.
      • It helps to reduce excess body heat, treats urinary tract infection
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  • Kabasura Kudineer Chooranam

    Prevention and management of Viral infection

      It is indicated in respiratory ailments. It is recommended in fever, dry and wet cough, cold, severe phlegm, asthma, sore throat and respiratory infections.
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