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Aloe Shampoo - Free from dandruff,Optimizes hair growth, It keeps the hair sparkling and coolant in property.
Aloe Hair Oil - Reduces excess body heat, enforce a sound sleep, strengthens roots of hair follicle, prevents premature greying.


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Aloe Shampoo - The high percentage of aloevera keeps hair free from dandruff and optimizes hair growth.It keeps the hair sparkling by the presence of adundant hair nutrients without causing any untoward effect. Aloe shampoo has a coolant property.
Aloe Hair Oil - The rejuvenating hair oil is highly indicated for pitha body constitution. The coolant oil is helpful in reducing excess body heat and enforce a sound sleep. Aloe hair oil strengthens roots of hair follicle and prevents premature greying.

    • Helps to remove dandruff and promotes hair growth
    • Helps to reduce excess body heat

  • Aloe Shampoo - Apply the required quantity on the wet hair while bath.
    Aloe Hair oil - Apply the required quantity on the hair after bath.

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