Neermulli kudineer is a known diuretic and blood purifier.
Easy way is a bowel regulator colon cleanser indicated in chronic constipation.
Tripala - Kadukkai, thandrikkai and nellikai are functional ingredients in this rejuvenating health drink tripala.


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Neermulli kudineer is an effective detoxifier that expels the toxins through urine and faeces .It is a known diuretic and blood purifier. Neermulli kudineer is traditional siddha formulation coded with Neermulli, Nerunjil, Triphala, parangi chakkai , sarakondrai, vellarivithai, and sombhu.
Easy way is a bowel regulator, colon cleanser indicated in chronic constipation.Easy way includes herbs that are carminative, laxative that restores normal evacuation of stools and corrects difficulty during defecation. The demulcent herbs bathe and lubricate the intestine to expel the contents. The chief ingredients Ipomea and senna are natural stimulant laxatives that ease bowel movements, regulates frequency of bowels and relieves constipation.
Triphala the most unique combination of three myrobalans balances the three humors of the body. It purifies blood, relieves constipation, helps to heal mouth and topical ulcers, beneficial in anaemia, eye tonic and controls excess urination.

    • Expels the toxins and revives the function of kidney
    • Ease bowel movements and it relieves constipation
    • Strengthens gastrointestinal system

  • Neermuli kudineer - Boil one tablespoon powder in 100ml of water and let it reduce upto50ml. Filter anddrink in the morning and evening before food.
    Easy way - Mix one teaspoon of Easy way with hot water and drink after dinner.
    Triphala juice - Mix 30ml juice with 30ml warm water. Drink in the morning and night before food.

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